Description: Nurses Station: General Ambience, No Announcements Hospital Ambiences

Description: This is a sound effect of a USA police buzzer

Description: Prison Mess Hall; Large Crowd Busy Male Voices In A Large Cafeteria With Light Background Activity, Time Bell Rings; Medium Perspective.

Description: Wail Siren Sirens

Description: Car Impact, Body Through Windshield, Lands On Hood, Glass, Metal, Hit Car Crashes

Description: Heavy, Ominous Earthquake Shake And Rumble, Natural Disaster Storms & Natural Disasters

Description: Intensive Care Room: Heart Monitor, Ventilator, E. E. G. Ambience Hospital Ambiences;Hospital, Medical & Dental Equipment

Description: Oxygen Mask, Hospital Environment, Ambience; Digiffects; Hospital, Medical & Dental Equipment

Description: Police Accident Scene: Sirens, Radio Chatter, People Ambience Sirens;Accident Scenes;Radio & Dispatch Communications