Description: P.A. Announcement, Footsteps, Movement, Voices, Ambience, Corridor Hospital Ambiences;Announcements & Speeches

Description: handcuffs, police, arrest, metal, clink, clank, clatter, impact

Description: Ford Police Car: Ext: On Board: Start, Idle, Drive At Fast Speed With Two Tone Siren, From Engine; Sirens, Police Vehicles & Sirens, Ford Cars

Description: Operation Ambience: Voice, Heart Monitor Hospital Ambiences;Hospital, Medical & Dental Equipment

Description: Interior: Onboard Driving: Sirens, Horn Blasts, Radio Squelches Fire Engines, Equipment & Sirens

Description: Mexico: Ambulance Siren: Ext: Blaring, Traffic And Horn In Background; Sirens, World Ambiences; Mexico & Central America, Ambulances & Ambulance Sirens

Description: Rescue Saw: Start, Idle, Cut, Shut Off, Emergency Fire Engines, Equipment & Sirens