Description: Siren; Slow Ambulance, Through Closed Window.

Description: Siren; Slow Police By, Through Closed Window.

Description: Fire truck Or Ambulance Siren And Constant Horn Blasts. Starts Distant, In And By Medium Perspective, Very Echoed. Away, Siren Off At Tail.

Description: Alarm Fire Building; Hallway Distant Perspective, Siren Type Ascends In Pitch Ambient.

Description: Ambulance, Rolling Gurney On Pavement.

Description: Ambulance, Unloading Loading Gurney, Gurney Rolling.

Description: Fire Hose, Sprayed Onto Wood And Various Surfaces, W Lots Of Spray.

Description: City Ambience ( Georgetown, D.c. ): Traffic, Police Car By Fast W Siren Cu, Honking Distant, Screeching Car Medium Distant.

Description: Dodge Power Wagon Fire Truck, In Medium Speed, Stop On Gravel Cu, Rev, Away Medium Speed with Revs, Off.

Description: Dodge Power Wagon Fire Truck, Interior Pov, Start, Idle Steady, Drive with Gear Shifts, Hard Downshifts To Stop, Off.