Description: Elevator Falls Down Shaft And Crashes, From Ext, Emergency, Disaster Building, Elevator & Ceiling Crashes

Description: Intense Fire Burst And Burn Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames

Description: Car Skid And Crash Car Crashes;Car Skids, Braking & Tires

Description: Long Skid And Crash; Vintage Recording; Car Crashes; Comic Hits & Skids; Car Skids, Braking & Tires

Description: Emergency Bandage Wound Dressing Peel Off Surgeon Surgery.

Description: Fire Alarm Goes Off At Station, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Fire Engines, Equipment & Sirens

Description: Large Fireball Blast Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames

Description: Emergency Fire Dispatch Radio Middle Age Male Engine 3 On Scene And In Command.