Description: Trucks Idling, Radio Chatter, Sirens Passing By Sirens;Radio & Dispatch Communications

Description: Dodge Power Wagon Fire Truck, Start, Back Of Truck Pov, Various Accelerations with Gear Shifts, Stops.

Description: Dodge Power Wagon Fire Truck, Interior Pov, Start, Accelerate, Shift.

Description: Twin Engine Fire Boat: On Board: Drive At Fast Speed, Throttle Down To Slow Speed With Maneuvers, Shut Off, From Engine Room, Tug Boat, Tugboat Fire Engines, Equipment & Sirens;Fire Boats & Tug Boats

Description: emergency, dispatch, radio, communication, human, voice, fire, fire engine, fire station, Detroit

Description: Building on fire, structure falling down, windows smashing

Description: Fire, Start Until Dying Out; Digiffects; Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames