Description: Sound effect recording of several sirens as well as a helicopter approaching in response to an emergency. This mid/side stereo recording can be converted to mono without phase problems.

Description: Sound of: distant train horn

Description: Sound of: close train warning horn

Description: Filming the moon the other night and got this great sound clip.

Description: Siren speeding by. Urban street but no traffic. Clean. Passes very close. Good approach and away. Stereo field recording.

Description: Rescue car - stereo - Recorded with high end stereo broadcast equipment.

Description: You name it they all were going out, not sure what happened on this night as I was filming a storm but all hell broke loose .

Description: Crazy alert sound. Good for all situations you need to warn of an incoming danger. Use as a ringtone or message sound in all mobile devices or as a multimedia gadget in your works.

Description: Clean steady police type siren passing by fairly smoothly. Stereo. Very light background.

Description: Atmospheric sound of out at sea with a distress flare being launched ending with a bang.