Description: Plane Crashes Into Building, Disaster Airplane Crashes

Description: Elevator Falls Down Shaft And Crashes, From Int, Emergency, Disaster Building, Elevator & Ceiling Crashes

Description: Car Crash, Processed, 5 Versions; Digiffects; Car Crashes

Description: Plane Crashes Into Ground, Disaster Airplane Crashes

Description: Earthquake: Heavy Rumble; Rock, Dirt, Gravel & Concrete Impacts, Storms & Natural Disasters

Description: Earthquake: Steady Low Frequency Rumble, Natural Disaster Storms & Natural Disasters

Description: Accident Scene Ambience: Emergency Vehicles, Sirens, Radio Chatter, Crowd Sirens;Accident Scenes;Ambulances & Ambulance Sirens

Description: Auto Crash: Ext: Heavy Body Crash Impact; Car Crashes

Description: Car Impact, Body Through Windshield, Lands On Hood, Glass, Metal, Hit Car Crashes

Description: Heavy, Ominous Earthquake Shake And Rumble, Natural Disaster Storms & Natural Disasters

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