Description: Air Raid Siren: Long Blast; Sirens, Air Raid Sirens

Description: Light Bar Clicks On Police Car; On, Modulating High Pulsing Whine Steady, Off, Close Perspective.

Description: Siren, Old Style Alarm, Steady, Medium Cu, Slowly Becomes Deeper To Stop.

Description: Alarm, Siren, Air Raid, City, Horn, Version 4; Digiffects; Air Raid Sirens; Sirens

Description: High-low Siren Long In From Distant, Close Doppler By Left To Right Fast. Away To Distant Then Return And By Left To Right Again And Away.

Description: Sirens, Close Perspective, Federal Air Horn.

Description: Siren In And By Close, Away Into Traffic. Both Wailer And Whooper Sirens. Traffic Ambience With Sparse Walla.

Description: Air Raid Siren, Long, Distant, Alarm; Digiffects; Air Raid Sirens; Sirens