Description: Small Old Transistor Radio, Circa 1970: Switch On, Static On Am Band, Switch Off; Radios, Vintage Entertainment

Description: Radio Spot: Tet ( Vietnamese Holiday ) Description. Mono.

Description: 1950S Telefunken Tabletop Tube Radio: Static And Buzz Radios;Static

Description: Lots of rising and falling harmonics. Also good for outer space effects.

Description: Old Tube Radio: Turn On, Hum And Buzz, Tuning Radios;Tuning & Tuners

Description: Futz Radio: Radio Static And Warble. Effect Has Both Vocal And Electronic Aspects. Mono.

Description: Tuning Across Dial, Static Radios;Tuning & Tuners

Description: Heavy radio interference. No signal. Crackle and humm.