Description: Tv, Scanning Channels, Version 2, Rome, Italy; Digiffects; Televisions; Tuning & Tuners; World Ambiences; Italy

Description: Gramophone Edison Type Vintage Entertainment

Description: Phonograph, Crank Handle, Wound Up, Old, Crackling Record; Digiffects; Stereos; Vintage Entertainment

Description: Alarm, Siren, Air Raid, City, Horn, Version 5; Digiffects; Air Raid Sirens; Sirens

Description: Sound effect recording of a static and hum coming through an old radio. Also works for radio communication or walkie talkie noise or television static.

Description: Tv, On, Off Short, Long, 3 Rooms; Digiffects; Televisions

Description: Portable Phone, Cellular, Nokia 3210, Rings, 7 Versions; Digiffects; Telephones; Cell Phones

Description: Large Antique Rogers Console Radio, Circa 1920: Switch On, Hum, Switch Off; Radios, Vintage Entertainment

Description: Random beeps..sounds like a computer working.