Description: Video Player, Vcr, Machine, Winding, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Video Equipment; Vintage Entertainment

Description: Large Vintage Philco Console Radio, Circa 1940: Switch On, Tune Across Dial, No Stations, Switch Off; Radios, Vintage Entertainment

Description: Antique Rotary Telephone: Impact With Bell Ring, Use Also As Receiver Slam Down; Telephones, Vintage Entertainment

Description: Antique French Provincial Rotary Telephone: Single Ring And Pick Up; Telephones, Vintage Entertainment

Description: Vhs: Front Loading: Start, Rewind To Beginning, Stereo, Vcr Video Equipment

Description: Telephone Answering Machine: Adult Male: Incoming Message; Telephones, Announcements & Speeches, Male Only Human Voices, Other General Office Equipment

Description: 1950S Rca Globetrotter Floor Standing Radio: Static And Buzz Radios;Static

Description: Tuning Radio Across Band Radios;Tuning & Tuners

Description: Tube Radio: Tuning Across Band Radios;Tuning & Tuners

Description: Antique Gramophone, Circa 1910: Needle Drop On To Record; Stereos, Vintage Entertainment