Description: Flashbulb Pops; with Glass Crackle; ( 5 ) Flash Powder Ignite.

Description: Hungry Computer; Electronic Equipment, Crunching, Hums, Beeps, Chews Ends In Burp.

Description: Television; Female News Report With Music, Close Up.

Description: Television; Cartoon Show With Music And Sound Effects. From Close.

Description: Television; Female News Report, Close Up.

Description: Television; Football Game With Announcer, Crowd And Players. From Next Room.

Description: Telephone Ring; American Phone Ringing.

Description: Camera Flash Bulb, Very Large, Glassy Crack, Sizzle.

Description: 35 mm Still Camera Shooting Multiple Shots With Auto winder 1; Rapid Shutter Clicks With Motor And Servo Whine.