Description: A DVD player with a disk being spun by the electric motor. Edited for looping.

Description: A circa 1980 JVC reel to reel tape deck rewinding or fast fowarding. Edited for seamless looping.

Description: A 30 year old land line phone ringing. Edited for looping.

Description: Dialing with a rotary phone. Pleasant using!

Description: Sound effect recording of a static and hum coming through an old radio. Also works for radio communication or walkie talkie noise or television static.

Description: Loop ready sound effect recording of a radio without reception, only static, fuzz, and hiss. Also works for TV or television static or bad reception.

Description: Loop ready sound effect recording of radio static on the FM band. Also would work for television static or radio communication static.

Description: Very close mono recording of a spinning CD, edited in loop!