Description: Mobile Phone: Incoming Text Signal; Cell Phones

Description: Mobile Cell Phone: Ringing Cell Phones

Description: Telephone, Rings, Bell, Short Signals; Digiffects; Telephones

Description: Old Analog Radio Tuning Across Dial; Vintage Recording; Radios; Tuning & Tuners

Description: Consumer Open Reel Machine: Remove Reel From Machine; Tape Recorders

Description: Consumer Open Reel Machine: Fast Forward, Stop, Mechanism Noise And Loud Tape Chatter; Static, Tape Recorders

Description: 1964 Antique Rotary Telephone: Dial Seven Numbers; Telephones, Vintage Entertainment

Description: Record Static And Crackle; Vintage Recording; Static; Vintage Entertainment

Description: Needle Scratch: Medium; Static, Stereos, Vintage Entertainment

Description: Office Or Home Electronic Phone: Ring 1: Single Ring Telephones

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