Description: Consumer Open Reel Machine: Remove Reel From Machine; Tape Recorders

Description: Video Cassette Recorder; Tape In / On / Out; Begins With Tape Being Inserted Followed By Some Machine Mechanics. Concludes with Tape Ejecting. Close Perspective.

Description: Microphone On Stand: Heavy Rumble From Movement; Miscellaneous Entertainment

Description: Five Taps On Microphone; Miscellaneous Entertainment

Description: Consumer Open Reel Machine: Fast Forward, Stop, Mechanism Noise And Light Tape Chatter; Static, Tape Recorders

Description: Video Player, Vcr, Machine, Winding, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Video Equipment; Vintage Entertainment

Description: Vhs: Front Loading: Start, Play, Stop; Video Equipment

Description: The sound of a VCR playing a video tape.

Description: VCR ejects tape, and the tape is pulled out.

Description: Old 1999 Maxtor hard drive model 90422D2 powering up then down.