Description: Sliding electric prison door. Different perspectives of same door. Stereo. Interior medium/high security prison. Light background.

Description: Sliding metal prison door with various degrees of impact. From soft to hard. Stereo. Raw recording with some prison background.

Description: Open close of heavy iron door in a corridor. Series of takes. Can be used on screen and for off screen. Stereo.

Description: Metal storage lockers open and close. Various bangs and movement. Stereo. Close micing.

Description: Heavy front entrance door open close series. Stereo.

Description: Servo motor to sliding metal engage. Recorded inside a prison. Stereo. Series.

Description: Rolling Shutter Door Open Close JO.wav

Description: Large, somewhat echoey metal warehouse type rolling shutter door being closed with distinct engage at the end. Can be shortened. For open see take 1 although this will work too.

Description: large sliding metal door impacts. 3 versions.

Description: Close up, heavy wood hotel room door including card swipe. Stereo. Several takes.

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