Description: Sliding wood/glass door open and close. Fairly heavy wood frame. Feeling of the glass. Good rolling sound for other uses.

Description: Big metal, rattly, shutter door opens into a warehouse. Exterior recording. Stereo.

Description: Large, somewhat echoey metal warehouse type rolling shutter door being closed with distinct engage at the end. Can be shortened. For open see take 1 although this will work too.

Description: Rolling Shutter Door Open Close JO.wav

Description: Air hiss followed by bus door opening. Good for sliding subway door also. Mono.

Description: Good for bus or subway door open. Sharp air hiss followed by meaty slide with soft squeak. Mono.

Description: Yellow school bus door close with nice details including air hiss, accordion squeak and sliding engage. Mono.

Description: Automated heavy hospital door open and close. Also works for a manually opening door. Stereo.

Description: Quick open with tight snap close. Wood door. Interior. Stereo.

Description: Nice, snappy, medium light, wood door open close. Interior. Stereo.

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