Description: Castle Drawbridge Mechanism With Gears Speeding Up.

Description: Open close of heavy iron door in a corridor. Series of takes. Can be used on screen and for off screen. Stereo.

Description: An audio clip of a garage door going up and down. Then, another clip of double garage doors going up and down.

Description: Slow Multiple Hinges Creak On Closet Door. Multiple Open And Closes.

Description: Revolving Door, Walking Through. Whoosh And Rub Sound With Rubbery Thunks. Steady, Then Single Walk Through At Tail.

Description: Door, Metal Door, 5 Versions; Digiffects; Metal Doors & Gates

Description: Freight Elevator Sequence, W Various Movement, High Pitched Motor, Light Doors Oc.

Description: Glass Shower Door Slide Oc, Cu, Various.