Description: Small Metal Door: Slide Open, 8 Takes, Metal Doors & Gates, Sliding, Swinging & Revolving Doors

Description: Sliding Draws Various - Wooden dresser and cabinet draw slides

Description: Elevator; Old-style With Metal Chain And Gate. Medium Chain Rattle, Close Up Metal Doors Open And Close, Run, Open and Close. Run, Open and Close. And Exit.

Description: Breaking Down Door, Breaking Cabinet; Digiffects; Door & Window Impacts; Door Crashes, Kicks & Hits

Description: Creaks,7: Rich Multiple Tones

Description: Wooden Ceiling Above ( Floor ) Creaks, Medium Distant.

Description: Dj Scratch With Dance Music; Stereos, Dj Scratches

Description: Automatic opening and closing doors with people passing through in public building.

Description: Interior Freight Elevator; Two Door Elevator With Pneumatic Door In Front. Constant Smooth Motor Hum. Manual Door Slide Open With Rusty Metal Scrape, Then Close And Ride. Door Slide Open And Exit P.

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