Description: Elevator; Old-style With Metal Chain And Gate. Medium Chain Rattle, Close Up Metal Doors Open And Close, Run, Open and Close. Run, Open and Close. And Exit.

Description: Wooden Ceiling Above ( Floor ) Creaks, Medium Distant.

Description: Interior Freight Elevator; Two Door Elevator With Pneumatic Door In Front. Constant Smooth Motor Hum. Manual Door Slide Open With Rusty Metal Scrape, Then Close And Ride. Door Slide Open And Exit P.

Description: Freight Elevator Door Oc W Quick Chain, Motor Movement And Hydraulic Noise, Various.

Description: Elevator; Old-style With Metal Gate. Exterior Point Of View, Close Two Gates With Reverberation. Then Open Gates, Enter, Close Gates And Ride. Open Gates With Metal Clicks.

Description: Long Metal Hinge Squeak 01; Metal Door Hinge, Painful Squeaks, Groans And Grinds As Door Is Very Slowly Opened.

Description: Elevator - Older Style, Clanky & Squeaky.

Description: Wooden Double Doors Open, Shaken And Slammed Shut, Medium Cu, Various.

Description: Wooden Door Squeaks, Medium Cu, Various.

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