Description: Murmur of 100+ people seated in a theatre. Stereo.

Description: Interior. Large group erupts in claps and sound of approval. Mono. Teenagers. Male and female.

Description: Interior walla. Young peoples get together. Female and male voices. Bustling, upbeat and sociable. No laughing. Stereo.

Description: Adult living room or dinner table gathering. Mostly male. Talking, low chatting. Stereo.

Description: Large group of African American men talking on the street,

Description: Angry crowd, excited voices. Stereo.

Description: Mass crowd chants USA. Loop. Exterior. Mono 2 track.

Description: Another take of the young crowd at a night club. Active walla.

Description: Several hundred teens cheer from the stadium bleacher. Mono.

Description: Small group of teen girls shout their approval enthusiastically. Mono. Interior/exterior.

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