Description: Secret Government Site In Desert; Steady Low Distant Drone, Exterior Ambience.

Description: Native Americans, Indians, Singing, Dancing, Drums, Ritual, Music, Usa; Digiffects; Choral Music & Music With Voices

Description: Medium Crowd: Adults And Children, Ambience World Ambiences, Mexico & Central America

Description: Large Outdoor Crowd: Running Marathon, Heavy Cheering As Runners Pass, Helicopter Pass; Cheering Large Outdoor Crowds, Track & Field, Helicopters

Description: Native American, Quiet Village, Walla, Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences

Description: Paris, France: Large Street Celebration: Heavy Crowd And Car Horns, Ambience, Party, Foreign World Ambiences, France

Description: Large Outdoor Stadium Crowd: General Ambience Arenas & Stadiums

Description: Outdoor: Car Horns, Noisemakers, Yelling, New Year'S Eve, Party, Ambience Horns

Description: Small Crowd: Young Male And Female, Mixed Conversation, Laughter, Ambience Laughter;Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: Argue; Couple Yelling At Each Other, Through Thick Wall.