Description: Shopping Mall Crowd 1 - Big ambience - some footsteps and close voices - good for large indoor spaces

Description: Town Street, With Activity Version 2; As Version 1 But With Added Walla, Footsteps, Dog Bark Etc. To Give The Impression Of A Town Later In The Day.

Description: Medium Outdoor Crowd: Close Gathering, Heavy Voices; City & Urban Ambiences

Description: Large Crowd: General Crowd Ambience, Heavy City City & Urban Ambiences

Description: Large Crowd, Entering Concert Hall Ambience Theaters & Cinemas

Description: Crowd,Teens,Grad,Chit Chat,CU

Description: Market Place, Outdoors, America, Hum Of Voices, Usa; Digiffects; Markets & Bazaars

Description: Medium Indoor Crowd: Cocktail Party, Conversation, Laughter Restaurants, Cafes & Cafeterias

Description: Celebrations 1 - Old Town Square - Big Crowd - Brass Band Drumming Background

Description: Medium Audience: Busy Crowd Exiting Hall Theaters & Cinemas