Description: Large Crowd Protesting, Voices, Clapping, Emergency Angry, Booing, Hissing, Yelling & Disgusted Crowds

Description: Large Exterior Crowd Applause, With Cheers, Hoots And Chants.

Description: Arab Crowd, Men Talking, Walla World Ambiences, Egypt

Description: Stadium Crowd Cheering, Football, Soccer, Sports Cheering Large Outdoor Crowds;Stadium & Arena Crowds

Description: Audience Applause, Cheers, And Whistles.

Description: Crowd Talking At Crime Scene After Robbery; Vintage Recording; Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: Medium Outdoor Crowd: Protest Rally: Chanting, Voices, Footsteps; Angry, Booing, Hissing, Yelling & Disgusted Crowds, Crowd Chants, Charges, Phrases & Countdowns

Description: Crowd Cheering On Athlete Applauding & Clapping Crowds;Cheering Large Outdoor Crowds

Description: Small Indoor Children Party: General Ambience, Voices, Light Playing Around, Blowing Up Balloons; Cheering Small Indoor Crowds, Children Only Crowds