Description: School Hallway: Kids Walla And Walking with Lockers Open Close.

Description: Large Outdoor Crowd: Reception Patio: General Ambience, Heavy Walla, Distant Traffic, Some Wind; Traffic Ambiences, Miscellaneous Ambiences, Conventions & Reception Halls

Description: Concert Audience, Applause, Rising, Falling, People Leaving; Digiffects; Applauding & Clapping Crowds; Cheering Medium Indoor Crowds; Theaters & Cinemas

Description: Large Banquet Hall: Crowd: Entering Hall, Heavy Murmur And Activity; Conventions & Reception Halls

Description: Elementary School Classroom: General Ambience, Heavy Voice Walla, Children, Crowd Schools & Playgrounds

Description: Parade Ambience. Approaching Marching Drums, By Close, With Distant Fife Music. Close To Distant Walla With Cheers, Sparse Air Horns, Subdued At Tail. Drums Away To Distant.

Description: Sound of: large party crowd - talking and eating

Description: Lots of children playing in woodland. Shouting and laughing. Some bird song in the background, English voices and language

Description: Walking By And Talking, Ambience City & Urban Ambiences

Description: class room ambience with child voices