Description: Children Playing In Playground, Distant Schools & Playgrounds

Description: Outdoor: Medium Crowd, Very Angry Yelling Angry, Booing, Hissing, Yelling & Disgusted Crowds

Description: A Few People Talking; Vintage Recording; Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: Crowd,Highschool,Class Up and Leave

Description: small southern us party crowd discussing movies and children,could be birthday party or some other family gathering.

Description: Adult living room or dinner table gathering. Mostly male. Talking, low chatting. Stereo.

Description: Outdoor: Large Concert Crowd, Audience Cheering Large Outdoor Crowds

Description: Sound of a busy pub with raised voices and pub sounds. Ideal for projects that require this type of sound effect.

Description: Indoor: Hockey Arena, Large Crowd Cheering, Sports Cheering Large Indoor Crowds;Stadium & Arena Crowds