Description: Stadium Crowd Ambience; Large Crowd Ambience; Walla / Whistling / Clapping / Cheering / Man Yelling ‘ice Cream’, Medium Perspective.

Description: Children, Group, Happily Yelling And Screaming.

Description: Crowd ( 20, 000 ); Begin / Steady, Polite. Applause Crowd, Huge.

Description: Crowd ( 20, 000 ): with Whistles / Applause, Close Up & Dist. Cheers Crowd, Huge.

Description: Crowd ( 30, 000 ): with Whistles / Applause, Rowdy / Steady / Dies. Cheers Crowd, Huge.

Description: Concert: Rowdy Crowd Cheers, Then Turns Mean With Boos And Angry Reactions. Exterior. Stereo.

Description: Large Crowd Waiting For Circus, Walla Theaters & Cinemas

Description: Medium Indoor Crowd: Banquet Hall: Light Applause With Cheering; Cheering Medium Indoor Crowds

Description: Outdoor: Stadium, Large Crowd, Cheering Cheering Large Outdoor Crowds;Stadium & Arena Crowds

Description: Angry crowd, excited voices. Stereo.