Description: Male: Small Group Talking, Party Male Only Crowds;Male Only Human Voices

Description: Boys & Girls, Yells, Whistle, Girls Yelling Angry, Booing, Hissing, Yelling & Disgusted Crowds

Description: Pub Crowd Lively 2 - no modern sounds - drunken crowd and singing - good for 1840s

Description: Indoor: Medium Bar Crowd, Audience Cheering Medium Indoor Crowds;Stadium & Arena Crowds

Description: General Ambience, Voices, Singing, Piano Bars & Pubs

Description: Horse Race Track, Crowd Atmosphere Race Track Ambiences

Description: Pedestrian Traffic, Ambience, Footsteps Marble, Tile & Linoleum Footsteps

Description: Large Outdoor Street Celebration: Heavy Cheering With Blow Horns, Chanting, Distant Helicopter; Horns, Crowd Chants, Charges, Phrases & Countdowns, Cheering Large Outdoor Crowds, Helicopters

Description: Large students crowd talking

Description: Children Playing In School Yard, Voices Schools & Playgrounds