Description: Interior Mixed Group Walla And Movement, Approximately 50 People.

Description: Seaside Crowd Holiday Activity 1 - Busy crowded beach atmosphere

Description: Elementary School Playground Close Perspective With Many Energetic Children Playing; Yells Squeals, Metal Rattles, Ball Kicks, Busy Movement Close To Distant.

Description: General ambence, early evening at the Stage Door pub, Victoria, London, with people chatting, crowds etc

Description: Male Street Preacher Repeats, Jesus Is Knocking On The Door Of Your Heart Today... Etc. Close To Medium With Some Movement. Heavy Street Ambience; Close Walla Bys, Movement, Traffic Medium With.

Description: Silent Disco Crowd - Large festival tent crowd - Chanting whilst listening to DJs on headphones

Description: Large Crowd: Crowd Passing By, Heavy Walla, Footsteps Ambience City & Urban Ambiences

Description: Medium Outdoor Crowd: Protest Rally: Voices, Light Chanting; Angry, Booing, Hissing, Yelling & Disgusted Crowds, Crowd Chants, Charges, Phrases & Countdowns

Description: Indoor: Large Theatre: Energetic Crowd Cheering For An Encore Ambience, Theater Theaters & Cinemas

Description: Large Exterior Crowd Idle Ambience Or Grandstand; Busy Voices, Activity; Medium / Close To Distant Perspective.