Description: Artillery Battle Background; Intense Close Up And Distant Heavy Caliber Machine Gun Fire Throughout With Occasional Artillery Launch And An Explosion At The End. Great Battle Scene.

Description: MILITARY MARCHING: EXT: Platoon marching, synchronous boot steps with drill sergeant call & retort.

Description: Death Screams 6; 10 Male Screams, Various.

Description: Secret Government Site In Desert; Steady Low Distant Drone, Exterior Ambience.

Description: Sound of: massive short male shouts

Description: Sound of: attack warriors shout

Description: Sound of: warriors unit shouts Hail!

Description: Troop Activity: Military Air Base. Tarmac Ambience With Medium Close-up Activity. Stereo.

Description: Large Indoor Male Crowd: Constant Yelling And Fighting, Protest Battle Ambiences

Description: The sound of a group of soldiers marching in time.

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