Description: Medium Outdoor Crowd: Fireworks Display, Distant Walla And Close Conversation, Adults And Children, Ambience Fireworks

Description: Small Crowd, Young Adults, Walla Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: Native Americans Yell, Scream, Movement Angry, Booing, Hissing, Yelling & Disgusted Crowds

Description: small southern us party crowd discussing movies and children,could be birthday party or some other family gathering.

Description: Female Party Crowd; Vintage Recording; Female Only Crowds

Description: Picnic Party Chatter 1 - American family - deep south

Description: 15-50 People, Talking, Walla, Glasses Clink Bars & Pubs

Description: General Party Ambience: Small Group: Indoor Excited, Surprised, Amazed & Positive Crowds

Description: Chinese Men, Walla, Murmurs World Ambiences, China

Description: Large Crowd, Market Place, Walla Markets & Bazaars