Description: Fish, Eating, Under Water, Bubbles; Digiffects; Cartoon Birds & Animals

Description: Slide whistle, up and down, slow to fast ( 6 pairs ).

Description: Frankensteins lab, sci - fi, electronic zapping and bubbles.

Description: Curtain Call: Peppy Encore With Duck Call, Cartoon Comedy Music Themes

Description: Have A Banana: Waddling, Comic, Inviting, Cartoon Comedy Music Themes

Description: Dark Passage, Version 2, Dark, Minor, Scary; Digiffects; Drama, Horror, Mystery & Suspense Music; Magic, Spells, Fantasy Accents & Glisses

Description: Helicopter ( Whisper Mode ); Modern Spinning Four-blade Helicopter Whooshes Without Engine Drone.

Description: Sound of: cartoon plant growing

Description: Spring, Steel, Metal, Boing, Cartoon, 3 Versions; Digiffects; Comic Flexible Accents

Description: Cartoon, Train Crossing, 3 Versions; Digiffects; Comic Friction Accents