Description: Vacuum On / Run / Off; Vacuum Cleaner Switched On, Pushed And Pulled Back And Forth, And Then Switched Off.

Description: Antique Toy Electric Train; Toy Train Around Track With Buzzy Rumbles Over Tracks. Quick Circling With Small, Airy Hisses And Light Metallic Clicks. Medium To Close-up.

Description: Aero Model, Motor 2T, maneuvering lane, accelerated, takes flight, acrobatic bg bird sings club uproar

Description: Light fuse, running feet, locomotive breath firework shrieks and crackles.

Description: Toy, Cartoon, Spinning Toy, Old, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Toys; Comic Friction Accents

Description: Looping multimedia comic boings

Description: Aero Model, Airplanes, four airplanes flying doing aerobatics bg flying club

Description: Large Plastic Balloon: Inflate From Compressed Air Tank, Long, Pressure Runs Out; Air, Gases & Steam