Description: Looping multimedia comic boings

Description: Sound of: cartoon bus driving and stopping

Description: Toy Electric Train; Runs Around Track Steady.

Description: Aero Model, Aircraft, three aircraft flying acrobatics, one the ground positioning itself for flight bg flying club uproar

Description: Aero Model, Aircraft, four aircraft flying acrobatics, one accelerates on the runway bg flying club uproar

Description: Theme: 'Happy Freedom', Light, Up Tempo, With A Beat Musical Themes & Anthems

Description: Theme: 'Circus' Or 'Carousel', Amusement Park, Fair Musical Themes & Anthems

Description: Cartoon, Running, 4 Versions; Digiffects; Comic Friction Accents

Description: Cartoon, Horses, 2 Together, Walking-Pace; Digiffects; Cartoon Birds & Animals