Description: Various Computer Beeps - Some Are Morse Code-type Beeps - Busy.

Description: Slowly Oscillating, Medium-pitched Tone with Reverse Tones Throughout.

Description: Medium-low Pitched, Oscillating Hum with Metallic Chimes.

Description: Medium-low Pitched, Pulsing Hum.

Description: Motor Hum with Constant Blips & Occasional Zaps.

Description: Reverberant, Wet Bubbles Pop ( I.e. Witch's Cauldron ).

Description: Weird, Reverberant, Metallic Scrapes & Wet Bubbles.

Description: Synthesized Church Bell Steady Note.

Description: Synthesized Oscillating Roar ( I.e. Rocket Engine ) with Pulsating Electricity ( I.e. Power Lines ) & Big Ben Bell Trailing Off.

Description: Synthesized Oscillating Violin ( I.e. Space Ship Racing Towards Earth ).