Description: Synthesized Oscillating Saw with Echo Overlay.

Description: Synthesized Oscillating Pulse ( I.e. Fold Space ).

Description: Ascending Oscillating Pulse ( Playing The Saw ).

Description: Oscillating, Whale Vocal-like Tones with Overlapping Low Pitched, Moaning Scrapes.

Description: Weird Forward & Backwards Ascending & Descending Tones with Wet Splat At Tail ( I.e. Time Warp ) .

Description: Eerie, Reverberant, Howling, Mid-ranged Tones.

Description: Heavy, Low-pitched Laser Blast.

Description: Flanged, Metallic, Musical Synth Hum ( I.e. Spaceship Door Open ) .

Description: Heavy, Electrical Hum with Water Bubbles.

Description: Short, Medium-range, Flanged, Metallic Synth Hum ( I.e. Spaceship Door Open ) .