Description: Slot win sound for game,multimedia,cartoon etc. Too it is possible to use in quizes, as the correct answer, interface sound and other... I hope it will be useful for you.

Description: Brass fail sound. Thanks for listening!

Description: The sound of cartoon fart. Thanks for listening!

Description: Laser gun shot sound. Best for games, cinema, cartoon, advertisement, messages, sms, icq, windows, web page. Dont forget to rate it and look my other items. Thanks!

Description: Arrow sound for any your projects. Perfect for animation projects, games,music and as effect. Thanks for listening!

Description: Metal sound of smithy. Perfectly will be suitable for games, postscoring of video clips and as effect. Thanks for listening!

Description: Awful, frightening, terrible, dangerous, pernicious sound of an infernal spring. Thanks for listening!

Description: My special version of magic sound. It can be used for games, animation, web, TV and as other effect. Thanks for listening! Dont forget to rate it:)

Description: Deep devil laugh sound for any your projects. Thanks!

Description: nteresting cartoon sound. Thanks for listening!

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