Description: electronic string flourish - good for game over, dissapear, magic, teleportation.

Description: Sound of: Futuristin cartoon computer machine

Description: Cartoon, Eerie Wind; Digiffects; Ghosts & Spirits

Description: The sound of achievement! A short effect that says "you've done well"

Description: Cartoon Science Fiction Laser Shot 01.

Description: What was that? Where did it go?

Description: Cartoon Science Fiction Ascend Spacey Delay 01.

Description: Cartoon, Spooky Thunder; Digiffects; Ghosts & Spirits

Description: This cartoon sound effect is a comical representation of a computer or other interface calculating data or processing information.

Description: The sound of the lab where the magic happens - usually orchestrated by a manic madman with an Einstein hairdo. This short file loops

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