Description: Descending Synthesized Landing.

Description: Pulsating, Multi-toned Laser Ray Gun Firing.

Description: Various Pitched, Short Beep Clusters That Ascend & Descend.

Description: Low-pitched, Ascending & Descending Swoosh ( I.e. Wind Or Spaceship ).

Description: Synthy, Beep-like Zaps ( Machine Gun with Warble & Duck Call ).

Description: Electrical Field Hum with Constant Sizzle & Tonal Quality.

Description: Multi-toned, High Pitched, UFO Take Off;;.

Description: R2D2 When He Got Shot ( I.e. Star Wars Empire Strikes Back ).

Description: Synthesized Oscillating Pulse ( I.e. Fold Space ).

Description: Heavy, Low-pitched Laser Blast.