Description: This cartoon sound effect is a comical representation of a computer or other interface calculating data or processing information.

Description: Slow, High-pitched, Crazy, Mixed Up, Dizzy Tones That Ascend & Descend ( I.e. Time Warp / Vertigo ) .

Description: Multi-toned, Medium-high Pitched, UFO Take Off;;.

Description: Synthy, Hissy, Ricochet with Metallic Boing.

Description: Short Electric Shock ( I.e. Finger Into Light Socket ) .

Description: Long Electric Sizzle ( I.e. Finger Into Light Socket ) .

Description: Spaceship Ambience; Sonar Blips With Echo And Transport Ambience.

Description: 2 Low Pitch Lazer Shot & return Fire Different Caliber.

Description: Water Bubbles with Ascending Synth Medium Pitch.

Description: Cassette Tape Left On Play & Fast Forward.

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