Description: High quality recording of two glasses of wine collide with each other. Good for cheers sound

Description: Outdoor pub ambience, wind blowing.

Description: Sound recording of a someone cooking a steak, hamburger, or other piece of meat on a grill or bbq. The meat is placed on the grill, sizzles, while it's cooked, is flipped and continues cooking before finally being removed from the grill.

Description: moving ice cubes in a drink

Description: outdoor bar ambience with spanish voices

Description: colombian restaurant ambience

Description: Restaurant kitchen stereo - Recorded with Sony PDC D1.

Description: Beer garden in London pub

Description: Drunken Football Fans 2 - Singing In Club Bar

Description: Cash Register, Modern, Bagging Goods, Shop; Digiffects; Shops & Stores; Cash Registers

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