Description: Microwave Oven: Open Door, Insert Dish, Close Door, Run, Stop; Small Household Appliances

Description: Food Processor 4; Food Processor On / Off with Out Food; Steady Smooth Spin. Medium Close Perspective. Kitchen.

Description: Toaster: Pop Up; Small Household Appliances

Description: Household Vacuum Cleaner Oreck Turn On Run Turn Off Carpet Setting Quick Burst Cord Free Electrikbroom Appliance.

Description: Old: Door Slam Close Large Household Appliances

Description: clothes dryer full of clothes is switched on, runs for a while and is switched off again.

Description: Washing Machine: Wash Cycle, Heavy Chugging Large Household Appliances

Description: Small ventilation fan with bad bearings and a grating sound

Description: Household Blender, 2 Versions, Kitchen; Digiffects; Small Household Appliances