Description: Large Vacuum Cleaner; Vacuum Cleaner Switched On, Pulled And Pushed Back And Forth Several Times At Various Speeds, And Then Switched Off. Medium Close Perspective.

Description: Old Mechanical Alarm Clock: Alarm Bell Ring; Alarms, Comic Noisemakers, Household Furniture, Clocks & Timers

Description: Air Conditioner, Indoor Body, Start, Stop.

Description: The sound of a sewing machine in use (fast speed).

Description: peculator coffee maker in action.

Description: hair dryer blowing while still.

Description: sewing machine is running

Description: Alarm Clock; Analog; Rings, Ticks; Long Steady Ring Which Gradually Dies Into Only The Ticking Of The Clock. Medium Close Perspective.

Description: Alarm Clock Ringing - winding - Twin bell old fashioned bedside clock