Description: Close up, rooster crow at dawn. Once.

Description: Classic frog croak recorded up close.

Description: Distant cow moos in an open field. Stereo.

Description: House fly various buzzing bys. Stereo. Real fly. Remarkably clean recording.

Description: Angry growling of a cat fighting. JO

Description: 2 crows. Cawing perched and in flight. Exterior. Stereo.

Description: Cheerful medium distant bird with light leafy presence. Stereo.

Description: Medium close on a seagull vocal. No waves. Nice tone. Recorded on a pristine lake in stereo. Can be used for in flight or on the ground. Part of a series of isolated seagull sounds.

Description: If you need a very pleasant sounding canopy of small birds chirping consider this effect. Nice stereo with a feeling of depth and recorded far from any traffic noise. Long take.

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