Description: Love this one how the birds are singing. Very active clip for birds.

Description: Got this today while out filming a snow storm here in Virginia and he was the largest crow I have ever seen. He was huge and really stood out.

Description: This is a great clip of a hot evening in Virginia with the sounds of the tree frogs and crickets blaring away.

Description: Made this on the 16th of March filming my first storm of the 2013 storm season and this was so relaxing I had to share it so enjoy.

Description: Made this during the snow back in March on the morning we got that heavy snow and this little guy was chirping his butt off.

Description: The birds were awesome on this morning with the crickets as I was filming a storm in the distance at sunup

Description: Dog barking with the birds singing real loud.

Description: It was so nice last morning to hear the rain and birds as the sun came up it was so restful that I thought this would make a good sound clip'

Description: Watch and listening to all the squirrel's out in the snow today. They were everywhere.

Description: Got this today also while out filming the snow here in Virginia.

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