Description: Made this back in March 2012 while filming some storms.

Description: This I made today from some footage I am working on and the crows were out big time today for some reason.

Description: Love this one how the birds are singing. Very active clip for birds.

Description: Made this during the snow back in March on the morning we got that heavy snow and this little guy was chirping his butt off.

Description: I was out storm watching and filming last night and around my house the birds sing all night long. This was at 2 am in the morning and I was like don't they ever rest , they are amazing and I thought this would make a great sound clip for people to use.

Description: Recorded this storm watching last evening. This is an actual Dove call and they sound so lonely to me.

Description: This was funny because I was out Friday night filming some storm activity and also the SuperMoon and was standing by a hedge bush when all of a sudden some cat's got into it and scared the crap out of me and after it was over I said hey I need to make this a sound effect so here it is and I think it can be used for a lot of reason's.

Description: Not sure what kind of bird this was but he just would not stop singing and he drowned all the rest of the birds out one evening while I was watching for thunderstorms.

Description: Crickets in Virginia on a hot July night. Made this last evening as it was a very quiet night and they were singing and the tree frogs as well.

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