Description: Single Cicada Cu, Inconsistent Pattern, Crickets In Background, High Pitched, Highway Traffic In Distant Background.

Description: Large Herd Walking Through Water, Baas, Bells Goats & Sheep

Description: Light Wind 5; Steady Through Trees, Mostly Leaf Rustle, With Busy Birds Close To Distant; Country Or Mountain Sound.

Description: Grasshoppers, Crickets, Multi Foreground, Ambience, Insect Insects

Description: Hawk, Red-tailed Screech. The Definitive Hawk Screech With Birds Chirping In The Background And An Occasional Insect Buzz.

Description: Pigeon Coop: Medium Group Cooing , Wings Flapping, Ambience Birds

Description: Common Loon, Northern Diver, Gavia Immer, Bird; Digiffects; Birds