Description: Stilt, Black-necked Calls. Short Hiccup-like Bird Calls In The Foreground With Other Birds And Crickets Chirping In The Background.

Description: Henhouse 1, Bird; Digiffects; Birds; Chickens & Roosters

Description: House fly various buzzing bys. Stereo. Real fly. Remarkably clean recording.

Description: Very Close Insect, Distant Insects, Animal Insects

Description: Bats Squeaking, screeching with little movement.

Description: A colony of Bats, flapping, squeaking and moving.

Description: Hyena, Spotted Laugh, Moan. Group Of Hyenas Laughing And Moaning. Close Perspective.

Description: Sparrow, Brewer's Chirps. High-pitched Sparrow Tweets And Clicking Chirps With Other Birds And Insects In The Background.