Description: Sheep ""baas"", Horse Whinnies And Hoof Steps, Dog Panting And Animals Chewing, Close POV.

Description: Birds; Day Ambience With Barking Dog, Through Open Window.

Description: Crickets; Night Atmosphere In Cornfield. Constant Crickets With Light Wind Through Corn.

Description: Stilt, Black-necked Calls. Short Hiccup-like Bird Calls In The Foreground With Other Birds And Crickets Chirping In The Background.

Description: Henhouse 1, Bird; Digiffects; Birds; Chickens & Roosters

Description: House fly various buzzing bys. Stereo. Real fly. Remarkably clean recording.

Description: Very Close Insect, Distant Insects, Animal Insects

Description: Bats Squeaking, screeching with little movement.