Description: Seagull cry. Fairly long. In flight. Clean of background. Stereo. Field recording. Part of a series.

Description: Stereo recording of a common house fly. Close buzzing. Part of a series. Harold the fly.

Description: 2 takes. Close clean common house fly short buzz. Stereo recording.

Description: Early morning neighborhood bird tweet. Stereo.

Description: Close up, rooster crow at dawn. Once.

Description: Seagull single cry in flight. Two of a series. Clean of bg. Slightly higher pitch and longer then cry 1. Stereo. Recorded over a lake.

Description: Group of startled birds suddenly take flight. Stereo.

Description: Classic seagull staccato squawks. In the distance. Good tone. Clean background. Stereo. Field recording.

Description: Classic frog croak recorded up close.