Description: 12 Dog Sledding Team: On Board: Start, Long Run, Stop, Animal Dogsledding

Description: Cricket Chirps At Medium Perspective With Distant Frogs & Birds In Background.

Description: Dolphin, Bottlenose Clicks, Buzzes, Whistles. Multiple Clicks, Buzzes And Whistles With Water In Background. Close Perspective.

Description: Cow barn, general atmosphere with clanking stalls, mooing & shitting.

Description: ANIMALS-BIRD BGS AFRICA: Dawn constant bird calls, light wind, distant bird calls, Moremi, Botswana. Kalahari atmosphere.

Description: Pig Sty, Lively, Animal; Digiffects; Pigs

Description: a herd of yaks passing by in the wonderfull ambience of solo khumbu, himalaya.

Description: Solo male Mocking bird singing outside urban town.